Windows Explorer icons for TomTom units

Example icons

These logo icons are designed to be replacements for the TomTom logo that appears when you connect your TomTom to your PC. It gives an extra clue to see whether you are using the internal memory or the SD card.

This is more useful to those with newer devices which have both internal memory and an SD card slot. In both cases, the relevant icon and "autorun.inf" files needs to be placed in the root directory (folder) of the internal memory or SD card. The card version also shows up if the card is being read by a card reader.

In the files are icons include 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 pixel sizes in various colour depths. I'm not sure 24x24 is actually necessary for this type of icon but it does no harm being there!

UPDATE 02/02/08 When using the higher capacity SDHC cards, the icon and label is not changed when the card is in the TomTom device (You still get the default ones). It works fine when used in a standard card reader. If a workaround is discovered, this page will be updated.


Please refer to the licence below before downloading the files.

Before changing anything on your device, always ensure you have a FULL backup (preferably done with Windows Explorer etc and not just TomTom Home). In particular, note that, if already present, the "autorun.inf" file will be overwritten so the original should be renamed prior to copying the new version to the device.

To download the icons zip file, either click the name or icon below. Both downloads include a relevant autorun.inf file to use instead of the original.

TomTom Windows icons
Internal Memory icon Download internal icon
SD Card icon Download SD card icon


Unzip the contents of the download to a location on your PC hard drive. Copy the icon to the root (top level) directory (folder) of either the internal memory or SD card as appropriate and check whether there is already an autorun.inf file there. If there is, rename the original one eg autoruninf.bak before copying the new version over.

The new icons should appear in "My Computer" next time you connect the device (ie not immediately). Remember to safely disconnect as you would normally do when unplugging the device.

The "autorun.inf" file

The autorun.inf file is read once when the device or card is attached to the PC. Among other things, it shows which icon will be used and what the icon name will be.

Here is an original TomTom file for comparison.

action=Run TomTom HOME
#This section is empty; autorun will not install device drivers to your PC.

Below is the example SD card file showing the highlighted changes. The "icon" line has been changed to the name of the icon copied to the internal memory or SD card. The original icon can be left alone.

Additionally, by changing the "label" line, the name displayed with the icon can be made more descriptive - in this case "TomTom SD card".

The internal memory version shows it's icon filename and "TomTom Internal" for the label.

action=Run TomTom HOME
label=TomTom SD card
#This section is empty; autorun will not install device drivers to your PC.

Is TomTom Home now loading twice? - how to fix it!

For those with both internal memory and SD card, TomTom Home may load twice due to how the PC sees it as two new drives. This can be stopped by commenting out the "action" and "open" lines of the file. This is done by placing a # at the beginning of the line. Use Notepad to make the changes. If this is done on both the internal memory and SD card files.

To stop Home loading automatically, you can change the preference within the Home application to stop it loading.

#action=Run TomTom HOME


If similar icons are made/edited, then the same process can be followed for other cards or devices being connected to the PC eg digital camera SD card, iPod, USB thumbdrive etc.



By downloading these files you are deemed to have agreed to the following conditions.

  • You may copy these files for you own or others use without financial gain.
  • You may NOT use the files for commercial purposes.
  • Any copies must include this agreement crediting the original author (GerryC).
  • The files are provided "as is" without warranty, either expressed or implied. In no event shall there be any liability for any damages whatsoever.

The TomTom logo is copyright TomTom. It, and the 920 photo were used in, it is understood, a "fair use" capacity. These logos are made on the understanding that they will only be used to identify a TomTom device or SD card loaded with TomTom software whilst connected to a PC. TomTom has not been involved in creating these files.

Copyright © GerryC, 2008-2010.