GerryC's Icons

Welcome! For years I have been designing small icons for the Palm PDA so when I downloaded speed camera warnings for the TomTom Navigator program I had on there, designing new icons was just something I did. After a while I upgraded to a One XL which has an SD card and wanted to be able to identify it when connected to the PC easily so I made icons to show which was the Palm's card and which was the TomTom's.

This site is in response to requests for my icons to be available to others which I'm pleased to do. I may or may not work on other things but if it's related, I'll probably put a note on the forums at PocketGPSWorld.


Speed camera SatNav device POI icons

These icons are an alternative set of map and alert icons designed to be used with speed camera POI database from PocketGPSWorld which hosts a collection of safety camera locations in various formats. Icons from this site are now also hosted on the PocketGPSWorld site. The smaller icons from this site can be used on several makes of sat-nav device.

TomTom have provided instructions on how to make a larger separate icon to be used for POI alerts. These are now available on the same page. Please read the notes carefully regarding how the two icons are used together. The larger icons work on TomTom devices only.


Windows Explorer icons for TomTom units

Windows icons

These logo icons are designed to be replacements for the TomTom logo that appears when you connect your TomTom to your PC. It gives an extra clue to see whether you are using the internal memory or the SD card for those that have both.